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About us

Unseen Bio is a Danish digital health tech company. We unleash the health tech potential of stool data by analyzing the gut microbiota.

Unseen Bio was born by merging two passionate teams from both ends of the microbiome space. Moritz, Christian & Ali came with the heavy technical and scientific approach. Jens and Johan brought the entrepreneurship. Combining the metabolic modelling competences of the tech team together with business vision, we formed a novel health tech company to fill the personalization gap in the microbiome space using a unique modelling technology with numerous applications and vast impact potential.

Jens B. Gandløse
Chief Operational Officer
+45 20 40 61 12
Johan B. Hartmann
Chief Executive Officer
+45 26 13 14 26
Christian Lieven
Chief Scientific Officer
+45 93 51 13 58
Ali Kaafarani
Chief Informational Officer
+45 50 10 31 55
Moritz Beber
Chief Technology Officer
Unseen Bio ApS
Fruebjergvej 3
DK-2100 Copenhagen East
CVR.: 40046585
Privately owned
Resident in Denmark
Ensure data within EU