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  • Healthy gut - strong immune system by Emeran Mayer
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Healthy gut - strong immune system


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How diet affects our health

By Emeran Mayer


In Healthy gut - strong immune system, doctor Emeran Mayer documents how important it is that we do something about the health of our gut, as changes in the gut microbiome affect our susceptibility to infectious diseases such as Covid-19, as well as the development of a wide range of chronic diseases. The problem is that the diversity of our intestinal flora is diving sharply in these years, which has both to do with our diet and the fact that the bacteria in the soil in which our vegetables and fruits grow also lack diversity due to the way we farm. In addition, the use of antibiotics and that the way many of us live with chronic stress affect the intestinal flora in a negative direction. In the book, he focuses on on autoimmune diseases, allergies, obesity and brain diseases. He presents the latest research in the field and gives the reader practical advice on how we can change the worrying development and ensure the greatest possible diversity in our intestinal flora, so that our body has the best conditions to stay healthy or whole if we experience bothersome symptoms or have become ill. The last part of the book contains a number of delicious and easy recipes.