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  • Powerful microbes by Oluf Borbye Pedersen and Kristian Sjøgren
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Powerful microbes


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What science knows about your guardian angels and demons - and how to get the most out of them

By Oluf Borbye Pedersen and Kristian Sjøgren


Follow Denmark's world-renowned research pioneer in health-pionier bacteria, Oluf Borbye Pedersen, into a universe of tiny organisms that no one knew existed, to find the explanation for medical mysteries and new keys to preventing and treating diseases.

Microbes like bacteria, viruses and fungi are all around us, on us and in us. They are our very active life companions. Our life is one long and hairy line dance with personal microbes, for they will affect our health, from the second we come into the world. They can keep us healthy, affect our mood, make us sick or kill us. Many people are afraid of bacteria and other microbes, but the vast majority help us keep our intestines functioning properly, the immune system in the right gear, our skin healthy and our teeth free of cavities.

We humans are, in fact, like tourists on a planet that has been ruled by microbes for at least a few billion years. Therefore, we should consider the invisible cohabitants into everyday life when we try to find the way to a good and long life without illness. The research shows the way to very concrete ways in which we can each with a healthy lifestyle and a natural relationship to the microbes of the environment enrich and strengthen our own microorganisms, so that throughout life they can help optimize our immune system, digestion, energy and mental balance. .

Within the last few years, researchers have suspected that clutter in our microbes may be contributing factors to e.g. Alzheimer's, depression, intestinal diseases, asthma, allergies, obesity and diabetes, and this is now being intensively researched. The hope is that greater knowledge in the field will show new avenues for the prevention and more effective treatment of these diseases.

Among the leading scientists is Professor Oluf Borbye Pedersen from the University of Copenhagen, one of the world's largest authorities in research into the bacteria that live in us and on us. Over the past 10 years, his research has deepened our understanding of how important personal microbes are to health. In this book, he shows that he is also a dazzling narrator.