Your customers get the following personal results with the Digital Gut™:

- A full overview of all microbes in the gut  

- Levels of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria  

- Levels of selected probiotic bacteria  

- Personal diet recommendation  

- Continuous access to the results  

- Free updates for future scientific insight


The Sample Catcher is easy to use, flushable, and biodegradable.

No need to clog the toilet or use any other unhygienic solutions. The Sample Catcher minimizes the inconvenience for your clients providing them with a dignified and clean way of sampling. The Sample Catcher can be used for stool collection for diagnostic, research, microbiome analysis, allergy, and home testing purposes.

Unseen Bio Digital Gut test-kit

The test-kit Digital Gut™ contains:

1 x Delivery note

1x Instruction card   

1 x Prepaid postage return envelope   

1 x Sterile swab   

1 x Sample tube with stabilizing buffer fluid   

1 x Protective cover for the sample tube   

2 x Unseen Bio SampleCatchers™


We are always looking for collaborations and partnerships as our technology is widely applicable. Please reach out if you have a need, an idea or want to know about the possibilities.

Please reach out to Johan: +45 26 13 14 26 or send an e-mail.