Working with microbiome data?

We are always looking for collaborations and partnerships as our technology is widely applicable. Please reach out if you have a need, an idea or want to know about the possibilities.

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Working within healthcare?

GP, dietitian or private clinic

With our test system you can service the clients with data of their unique gut microbiome. Our special result visualisations will provide insight into the previously unseen gut microbiome.

Our speciality is metabolic modelling. With data from fecal samples and user input we are working on a digital copy of the gut microbiome - The Digital Gut™. This tool will be able to simulate the effects of diet, supplements and medication thus providing the clients with a radical new personalized approach to gut health management.



Food, pharma or supplements?

What is the gut impact of your product?

To the industrial segment we are building the Microbiome Impact System (MIS). This will provide Industry clients with unique capabiliites to simulate the direct effects of their products on the gut microbiomes of specific reference groups.

It will allow new digital opmization posibilities of the ideal composition of products and the accompanying diet - and it will enable development of products that support personalized gut health.



Academic & clinical collaborations

Born out of R&D and passion we love to push the bounderies in collaboration with scientific partners.

Clinical collaborations and academic projects with both private and public actors bring to life new knowledge, drive innovation and create possibilities for making impact.

In the past year we have conducted academic collaborations with universities and the public healthcare system.



We'd like to hear from you...

Are you working within the gut microbiome field or do you have an idea for how we can compliment each other?

Please reach out to Johan: +45 26 13 14 26 or send an e-mail.