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  • Digital gut microbiome / microbiota test-kit
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Digital Gut™

Test-kit for partners

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Help your clients to get started with their Digital Gut™. This is the ideal way to get a first impression of their microbiome.

Your client gets the following personal results in their private account on My Unseen Bio

  • A complete analysis of the gut bacteria.
  • Information about the biodiversity of the gut.
  • Information about the levels of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Information about the levels of selected probiotic bacteria.
  • Personal diet recommendations for the benefit of the microbiome.


The test-kit Digital Gut™ contains:

  • 1 x Delivery note
  • 1 x Instruction card
  • 1 x Prepaid postage return envelope
  • 1 x Sterile swab
  • 1 x Sample tube with stabilizing buffer fluid
  • 1 x Protective cover for the sample tube
  • 2 x Unseen Bio SampleCatchers™