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PRO MEMBERSHIP: 12 x Digital Gut™ test-kits per year w/dietitian feedback. 5 months binding period with 1 month notice of termination and a minimum price during the binding period of 5.971 DKK incl. VAT. Cost per month

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The PRO MEMBERSHIP is ideal if you have the need for a high gut monitoring frequency to capture both seasonal and periodic changes and is perfect for athletes and high performers as you will be able to closely monitor your gut health. We will send you a test-kit every month and you can track your gut status and plan your gut optimization with our dietitian. 

The membership fee is 995 DKK each month. You will receive 12 Digital Gut™ test-kits each year and get the following:

  •   30 minutes clinical dietitian feedback session every month
  •   A full overview of all microbes in the gut
  •   Levels of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria
  •   Levels of selected probiotic bacteria
  •   Assessment of the physical activity
  •   Continuous access to the current and previous results of your Digital Gut™
  •   Free updates for future scientific insight
Each Digital Gut™ test-kit contains:
  •    1 x Delivery note
  •    1 x Instruction card
  •    1 x Prepaid postage return envelope
  •    1 x Sterile swab
  •    1 x Sample tube with stabilizing buffer fluid
  •    1 x Protective cover for the sample tube
  •    2 x Unseen Bio SampleCatchers™
Binding period: 5 months, notice of termination: 1 month, minimum price during the binding period: 5.970 DKK incl. VAT.