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Gift Card: Digital Gut™

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Get someone started with their own Digital Gut™. The recipient will get the following personal results:
  •    A full overview of all microbes in the gut
  •    Levels of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria
  •    Levels of selected probiotic bacteria
  •    Personal diet recommendation
In addition to the above access to:
  •    Continuous access to current and previous results of your Digital Gut™
  •    Free updates for future scientific insight
The Digital Gut™ test-kit contains:
  •    1 x Delivery note
  •    1 x Instruction card
  •    1 x Prepaid postage return envelope
  •    1 x Sterile swab
  •    1 x Sample tube with stabilizing buffer fluid
  •    1 x Protective cover for the sample tube
  •    2 x Unseen Bio SampleCatchers™