About us

Unseen Bio was born in 2018 from the desire to enable proactive healthcare by merging two passionate teams and take on the microbiome space. Combining the metabolic modelling competences of the tech team together with business vision, we have formed the leading Danish microbiome direct to consumer health tech company.

The team has expanded and has come far with its system the Digital Gut™ and is constantly developing its features to bring the numerous applications to our clients and create a vast health care impact.



Data security

Data security is key for Unseen Bio. This is why, we have chosen to work with an independent European laboratory partner accredited according to CAP, Clia and DIN EN ISO 15189:2014.

Every test kit has a unique barcode, matched to your personal account when ordering. This ensures that all samples are anonyms when in transit or laboratory, and only can be linked to a profile using Unseen Bio's protected infrastructure.

Unseen Bio has invested in our infrastructure to be GDPR compliant and keep your data safe. E.g. Unseen Bio only utilize European placed servers and are approved data provider to Region Hovedstaden.



Johan B. Hartmann
Chief Executive Officer
+45 26 13 14 26

Cecilia Clausen
Clinical Dietitian


Henrik Kass
Chief Commercial Officer
+45 40 53 38 99

Christian Lieven
Chief Scientific Officer
+45 93 51 13 58

Moritz Beber
Chief Technology Officer


Ali Kaafarani
Chief Informational Officer
+45 50 10 31 55

Jens B. Gandløse 
Chief Operational Officer
+45 20 40 61 12

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