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We are happy to work together with you to give you the tools you need to individually consult your clients.

By identifying the unique composition of beneficial and harmful microorganisms, you gain a deeper understanding of your client's digestive health, immune function, and even mental well-being.

This allows for targeted interventions, personalized dietary recommendations, and more precise treatment plans.

Detailed gut microbiome report

Shallow shotgun sequencing analysis

Adapted to your individual needs

GDPR compliant data handling

Detailed introduction into our analyses

We take data safety seriously

Health professionals and patients should not need to deal with broken tablets or a flood of paper forms when it comes to fill out or study questionnaires. Anonymizing responses and GDPR compliance is often an issue with these approaches, because filling them in sometimes involves a third-party, or because paper forms are visible to hospital staff. 

We can provide common and custom questionnaires, that patients fill in comfortably and privately from their own devices. This way health professionals get their hands free, and patients full control.

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Handle all processes easily in one platform. No paperwork, no complications.

  • Check your clients reports
  • Order new tests directly to your client
  • Release test reports to your clients with just one click
  • Send customized emails

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