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We live to enable our partners, because we are still scientists at heart.

Keen to explore, test and develop products for preventative healthcare with you.

You handle the what, we handle the how.

For academic research

We believe in scientific rigor and transparency, and are committed to giving back to the scientific community. At the heart of our platform is a manually-curated knowledgebase boasting hundreds of publications, and an ever expanding database of consistently-annotated microbiome data, just waiting to be explored. 

We, too, strive to publish our findings, as you can see in the Publications section below.

For scientific studies

Doctors and patients should not need to deal with broken tablets or a flood of paper forms when it comes to a study’s patient questionnaires. Anonymizing responses and GDPR compliance is often an issue with these approaches, because filling them in sometimes involves a third-party, or because paper forms are visible to hospital staff. 

We can provide common and custom questionnaires, that patients fill in comfortably and privately from their own devices. This way doctors get their hands free, and patients full control.

The resulting metadata is processed and stored securely on our European servers. It can further be exported or explored directly with our data-processing platform, while the study is in progress.

We value fast processing times, flexibility in our laboratory service, and visualizations of complex data with that wow factor.

For a closer look

We offer in vivo and in vitro microbiome analyses.

Our standard analysis package of shotgun metagenomic sequencing offers superior performance compared to the common 16S rRNA sequencing. We currently provide species-level resolution across three taxonomic kingdoms, and a wealth of 2 gigabases of data per sample.

Depending on your project, we can zoom in on individual subspecies, branch out to additional kingdoms of life, investigate functional profiles, and any configuration of sequencing depth. Nanopore, 16S RNA, and qPCR analyses can added by demand.

Of course, we work with certified European laboratories.

DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 certified

DIN EN ISO/IEC 15189 certified

CAP certified

CLIA certified

CSPro certified

For small and large companies

We offer full-service sample logistics with a turnaround time of 14 days, and a user-friendly data processing platform that allows you to manage your samples and explore the data you have generated with us.

Our partners use our platform to test their products in real-life situations in close contact with the end user.

Data can be freely exported. Common statistics and neat visualisations allow for data-exploration at a glance.

For rising stars

We have bootstrapped our own integrated logistics system to handle everything from orders, shipments, processes and customers. We are experienced in customs and VAT legislation, negotiating with logistics firms and analyses labs across Europe. 

A backbone like this can get your sample-analysis business up and running in no time.

We have proudly explored the microbiome with:

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