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Your inner ecosystem

Your gut microbiome is a large and unique ecosystem consisting of bacteria, viruses and fungi. They specialize in living in your gut, in coexistence with you. Together, they perform a number of tasks that affect your health and well-being.

The gut microbiome

Major research and technological advances indicate that the gut microbiome plays an important role in our health, well-being and resistance to disorders in the gut and the body in general.

Most microorganisms are not dangerous, quite the opposite. In fact, there are more microbes living in us than our own body has cells. These microbes are bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi and various single-celled organisms. They live in the digestive system, and their functions and composition are crucial for the body and the state of health.

You gain knowledge and understanding of which beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria are found in your gut. You will also be able to compare your bacteria level with relevant reference groups and see our unique visualization of your gut microbiome.

At Unseen Bio, we believe:

"that understanding, caring for and optimizing one's individual gut microbiome is one of the ways to good health, well-being and performance."

Are you also asking yourself some of these questions?

Only a microbiome analysis can answer that. It is a complete analysis of your microbiome, which is carried out via a stool sample and compared with selected reference groups.

With a microbiome test, you will gain insight into your microbiome, including which beneficial bacteria you have and a comparison with selected reference groups.

With a microbiome test, you will gain insight into the balance of your microbiome, including which beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria you have.

When you take a microbiome test, we ask you to record your diet for three days beforehand. This creates a basis for us to calculate your diet score and give you personal recommendations for diet adjustments.

Our microbiome is very different, some have great numbers without much effort, while others unfortunately have a worse starting point. It is difficult to optimize your microbiome without knowing the numbers, so we believe that you should start by taking a microbiome test so that you know your starting point.

By taking a microbiome test, you gain insight into your levels of bacteria - and also the probiotic bacteria. We have therefore prepared an overview which can guide you in relation to your microbiome.

How to make a microbiome analysis

1. stool sample

We can't avoid it. To analyze the gut microbiome, we need a stool sample. This sample is taken with our hygienic test kit and we need 1-2 grams equivalent to the size of a pea.

2. sequencing

The biological material is converted into data via a method called sequencing. We use a very advanced analysis called Shallow shotgun metagenome sequencing (SSMS).

3. personal report

Finally, our systems analyze the data and create a personal report on the state of the microbiome and optimizations. The report is interactive and accessible via the user's personal profile at

Results are available in English, Danish or German.

What is your biodiversity?

The biodiversity score gives you a quick glance at the state of your gut microbiome. We use your alpha-diversity to calculate it. Alpha-diversity is a measure combining the richness and evenness values in your report.