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Get started with your own Digital Gut™ and get the following:  

- A full overview of all microbes in your gut  

- Your levels of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria  

- Your levels of selected probiotic bacteria  

- Personal diet recommendation  

- Continuous access to your results  

- Free updates for future scientific insight

  • "It's truly an eye opener for me to finally see how my Digital Gut™ is composed. Now I know which foods are truly good for me."

    Pernille, 40

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  • "Now I am able to see and understand my microbiome. My doctor is interested to see and understand my results."

    Lasse, 32

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  • "Finally got started on knowing my gut. It was easy to use the sample kit and the results gave me a clear indication on nutrition that are helpful."

    Niels Peter, 49

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