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I have always had a sensitive stomach, so for me it has been both rewarding and positive to use Unseen Bio's test. The test is thorough and takes some time as you answer questions in detail and record your food. It is easy to understand how to take the sample, all shipping is handled. Couldn't be easier. I chose a test with a half-hour conversation with a clinical dietitian. It was really helpful. The dietitian was skilled and competent. I can only recommend using Unseen Bio!


Unseen Bio has won the Award as best microbiome test

Unseen Bio is a Danish company with an international team.

Our microbiome test has been included in an extensive test panel with 7 different microbiome tests from the USA, England and the EU. We have been voted "TOP CHOICE 2022" by MyMicrobiome in Germany.

Finally the insight I've been missing

I have suffered from the autoimmune and chronic intestinal disorder, Crohn's, for +20 years, with a serious outbreak a year and a half ago ending in hospitalization. Now that the doctors have theirs under control and the symptoms have subsided, I have intensified my quest to become a better and healthier version of myself, and here Unseen Bio has now become an essential tool!

I chose a test with a half hour conversation with a clinical dietitian and it was helpful, although the presentation of the test answers itself is excellent. I now have a baseline for the health of my intestinal system, and with targeted measures regarding diet, exercise, stress, sleep, etc., I can see with future tests (I expect one every six months in the coming time) whether the development is going the right way! Unseen Bio has my warmest recommendations - their effort alone must be praised.


Our reference group has an average of 1,320 different gut bacteria... how many do you have?

Our test is user-friendly and you receive your results in your personal account, where you can learn more about your microbiome interactively.

We count bacteria - and thanks to our sophisticated analysis (Shallow shotgun metagenome sequencing (SSMS)) we can find up to 4,219 different ones in a stool sample.

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