Johan Hartmann, CEO of Unseen Bio

Johan Hartmann

+45 26 13 14 26

MSc.  in  Mechanical  Engineering

"Johan is one of the two founders and our Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Johan is always on the look out for partnerships that benefit the gut community"

Henrik Kaas, CCO of Unseen Bio

Henrik Kaas

+45 40 53 38 99

MSc. Econ 

"Henrik is our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and makes sure Unseen Bio is the no. 1 brand in the market. He is responsible for sales, marketing and communication"

Jens Gandløse, COO of Unseen Bio

Jens Gandløse

+45 20 40 61 12

MSc. in Supply Chain Mgmt.

"Jens is the second founder and our Chief Operational Officer (COO). He is dedicated to making our logistic operation world class to get your test-results to you as fast as possible."

Ali Kaafarani, CIO of Unseen Bio

Ali Kaafarani

+45 50 10 31 55

BEng. in Computer Science

"Ali is our Chief Information Officer (CIO) and co-founder. He ensures that the information on all our digital platforms are state-of-the art. Ali builds the web technology that runs the Digital Gut™ platform delivering the data safely and securely to your device."

Ingeborg Holtmann

Our part-time student worker Ingeborg supports us with everything regarding the diet and nutrition as well as Social Media. 

Cecilia Clausen, Dietitian at Unseen Bio

Cecilia Clausen

MSc cand. tech. in Integrated Food Studies and Clinical Nutrition

"Our clinical dietitian Cecilia performs the dietary evaluations and the nutritional recommendations targeted to improve the gut health of our users."

Christian Lieven, CSO of Unseen Bio

Christian Lieven

+49 15117885767

MSc. in Biology, PhD. Computational Systems Biology

"Christian is our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), co-founder and the head of our scientific research projects constantly searching for the latest in gut research to improve our service to you. In short: He translates scientific discoveries about the microbiome to features in our product."

Moritz Beber, CTO of Unseen Bio

Moritz Beber

MSc. in Molecular Life Science, PhD. Computational Systems Biology

"Moritz is our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), co-founder and oversees our technology department and performs the data processing and analyses that power our Digital Gut."

Sarah Forster

MSc in Food science and technology

"Sarah supports our users to improve their gut health by performing dietary evaluations and giving nutritional recommendations.

Data security

Data security is key for Unseen Bio. This is why, we work together with an independent European laboratory partner which is accredited according to CAP, Clia and DIN EN ISO:15189:2014. This means that they work at the highest laboratory standards.

Every test kit has a unique barcode. This ensures that all samples are anonyms when in transit or laboratory, and only can be linked to a profile using Unseen Bio's protected infrastructure.

Unseen Bio has invested in our infrastructure to be GDPR compliant and keep your data safe. E.g. Unseen Bio only utilize European placed servers and are approved data provider to Region Hovedstaden.