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About Unseen Bio

Unseen Bio is a Danish health-tech company with a strong vision:

We want to raise awareness of the importance of gut health as a means of preventing disease.

Our mission is to strengthen the microbiome to improve the biodiversity crisis in the gut.

Your gut consists of millions of bacteria - and your microbiome is unique to you - therefore you must also live uniquely.

Our microbiome test can be purchased in more than 15 countries from our dealers and on our website.

Based on an advanced analysis of the microbiome, we provide personal dietary recommendations for that purpose to increase biodiversity and improve gut health for the individual.

Based on the latest knowledge in the microbiome area, we continuously develop our digital platform for gut health.

Our skilled employees

Johan Hartmann
Tel.: +45 26131426
Jens B. Gandløse
COO, operations and finance
Tel.: +45 20406112
Cecilia Clausen
Scientific specialist
Sarah Forster
Scientific specialist
Rasa Muktupavela
Scientific specialist
Christian Lieven, CSO of Unseen Bio
Christian Lieven
CTO, Scientific specialist
Ingeborg Holtmann
Scientific assistant
Ali Kaafarani
CIO, software
Paula Molina
Student assistant
Ninni Kjær
Scientific specialist