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You get the following results on your profile and in our App, which you can download from the Appstore or Google Play:

  • Discover the biodiversity of your gut
  • Get an analysis of your gut bacteria
  • Explore your beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria
  • Compare your probiotic bacteria
  • Get personalized diet recommendations for optimizing your microbiome
    Step 1 in the microbiome test process is diet logging

    You record your diet for three days

    Step 2 in the microbiome test process is to take a stool sample

    You take a test

    Step 3 in the microbiome test process is data analyzing

    Our experts do the analysis

    Step 4 in the microbiome test process is your microbiome results on My Unseen Bio

    You get the results and personal recommendations

    Unseen Bio test provides useful knowledge about your health

    I have always had a sensitive stomach, so for me it has been both rewarding and positive to use Unseen Bio's test. The test is thorough and takes some time as you answer questions in detail and record your food. It is easy to understand how to take the sample, all shipping is handled. Couldn't be easier. I chose a test with a half-hour conversation with a clinical dietitian. It was really helpful. The dietitian was skilled and competent. I can only recommend using Unseen Bio!


    Now I have finally gained insight into my gut bacteria

    Now I have finally gained insight into my gut bacteria. It is easy to use the test, and the results give me a clear direction in relation to which foods can benefit me and my bacteria.

    Niels Peter

    Maybe this can answer your question?

    The gut microbiome is a term describing the microorganisms that live in the intestinal tract, such as bacteria and fungi.

    You test results will be available at your personal profile at My Unseen Bio. At this site, your results will be illustrated, and it will be possible to customize the display. You will receive an e-mail, when your results are ready.

    Yes, it is possible to share your results with others. For instance, several of our users share their results with their dietician or doctor.

    Principally, there are no physical limitations for children to take the test, but our groups of reference consist only of individual adults, and the results may therefore be affected by this because the microbiome differs between children and adults.

    Unfortunately, our test cannot be used as a medical tool, but it will provide you with an insight of your gut microbiome, including any imbalances.

    You will receive your results after 3-4 weeks. In this period, your test will be analysed in our laboratory, and your personal microbiome results will be created. You will receive an e-mail, when your results are ready.

    You are always welcome to write us an e-mail at We are a Danish company located on Østerbro, and speak Danish, English and German.

    No, we like to get an insight in your normal dietary patterns, so therefore we do not recommend that you change anything before taking the microbiome test. In some individual cases, if for instance you wish to track a specific diet, it might be relevant to change up your dietary patterns in advance.

    For some, it feels “out of the comfort zone”, to do a stool test, but we have made the process very simple. When you receive the test, please follow the instructions that will easily guide you through the process.

    The liquid in the test tube, ensures that the microorganisms do not get exposed to oxygen for long, and ensures that they stay in their natural condition.

    No, you do not need to store the sample in the fridge. The liquid will keep the microorganisms in their natural state at room temperature.

    No, you will receive a prepaid return envelope together with your test-kit. All you need to do is to take the test, place it in the return envelope, and send it back to us.

    The liquid in the sample tube ensures that the microorganisms stay in their natural state in normal temperatures. If it is very hot or cold outside, we do recommend you to deliver your return envelope at your closest Postnord drop off point, instead of a postbox.

    When we received your sample, you will get an e-mail. This might take up to a week, but most often just a few days.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to use our microbiome for dogs or other animals. Our quality control ensures that non-human samples are rejected.

    Finally the insight I've been missing!

    I have suffered from the autoimmune and chronic intestinal disorder, Crohn's, for +20 years, with a serious outbreak a year and a half ago ending in hospitalization. Now that the doctors have theirs under control and the symptoms have subsided, I have intensified my quest to become a better and healthier version of myself, and here Unseen Bio has now become an essential tool! I chose a test with a half hour conversation with a clinical dietitian and it was helpful, although the presentation of the test answers itself is excellent. I now have a baseline for the health of my intestinal system, and with targeted measures regarding diet, exercise, stress, sleep, etc., I can see with future tests (I expect one every six months in the coming time) whether the development is going the right way! Unseen Bio has my warmest recommendations - their effort alone must be praised!